Welcome to the WUSV Universal World Championship in Sursee!

After more than 25 years a World Championship for German Shepherd dogs will take place in Switzerland again. It is a special honor for me to welcome the canine representatives from so many nations to Central Switzerland for the WUSV Universal World Championship. I am very much looking forward to admire the various competition teams in this unique symbiosis of show and performance during three days.

I wish all participants good luck and success during the individual competition days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the competitors for their commitment, which they put in together with their faithful shepherd dog. We are all aware that in order to reach the goal of competing at a World Championship, various qualifications and selections are required, preceded by intensive training. Even if the hoped-for placement is not achieved, it is certainly a unique experience to participate in a World Championship and to be able to represent one‘s home country in such a dignified, dog sporting setting.
The immense effort that a large event of this kind entails is considerable and requires careful and prudent planning over many months. Here I would like to single out two people in particular who have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to this great cause and ultimately made it possible in the first place: The event representative Hans Graf and the organization manager Josef Vonarburg. We already say thank you to a masterpiece within the framework of the numerous activities they have carried out for the Swiss Shepherd Dog Club over the decades.
Every organizer who holds an event of this magnitude is dependent on numerous helpers, because an optimal infrastructure is of little use if there is no support. It is absolutely not self-evident that a large number of people give their free time free of charge to create optimal competition conditions for the participants. For all of them, this means not only being on site on the days of the competition. They are already on duty weeks before or days after the event and ensure meticulous preparation, smooth running and complete dismantling. All of them - especially the Sursee Club - deserve our sincere thanks.
May participants and visitors use these days to forget everyday life for a few hours in order to be able to concentrate fully on our German Shepherd Dog. This World Championship should leave pictures and impressions that will make them think back to an excellent event for the benefit of our great breed.

President of the Swiss Shepherd Club (SC)
Marc Kunz